Customised diffuser printing for modular luminaires

Steon are now offering custom printed diffusers on a selection of our recessed modular luminaires.

The aim of these custom luminaires is to enhance the look and feel of a space whilst still providing quality functional lighting.

Clients can submit bespoke graphic designs, images or even branding and logos to be printed. There is the option to print on individual modular panels or equally designs can spread across multiple panels to create a larger panoramic image and increase visual impact.

Custom printed luminaires are extremely effective in rooms where there are no windows, they significantly increase well-being and enhance aesthetics. This type of decorative lighting would also be suitable for offices, corridors, waiting rooms, break-out areas, reception areas, healthcare, and educational facilities.

A few design ideas …

Could your lighting project benefit from customised diffusers?

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team to discuss your lighting requirements.