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Over the years we have enhanced our product portfolio to develop an all-inclusive range of luminaires.   Three brands, Steon®, Luxace® and Historix®, have been developed to differentiate luminaires depending on their application.


 A technical brand from which we take our namesake.  Luminaires which feature within the Steon brand are synonymous with performance, reliability and flexibility.

As our most established brand, Steon luminaires feature most prominently within our product portfolio, the majority of which are compatible with our range of intelligent lighting controls.

Explore the Steon Range

A contemporary brand reserved for luminaires of exquisite design and those which lend themselves to contract feature lighting.

Suitable applications include: offices, receptions, retail, hospitality, bars, hotels and modern commercial spaces.

Explore the LuxAce Range

A heritage brand combining the latest lighting technologies with timeless classic designs.

Explore the Historix Range

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