Sucuro LED

Sucuro LED



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Sucuro: Recessed mounting, Self-contained 3 hour maintained/non-maintained emergency, IP20, 16 or 30 metres viewing distance, optional self-test and DALI versions, central battery compatibility available (24V, 50V, 110V, 230V), steel body with an acrylic legend, optional PRO ECO® wireless control and monitoring system.

As Steon Sucuro.


  • Recessed mounting
  • Self-contained 3hr. maintained or non-maintained emergency
  • 6500K (daylight) as standard
  • Two versions available:
    • 16 metre viewing distance
    •  30 metre viewing distance
  • Choice of legends
  • Self-test
  • Self-test and DALI addressable
  • Test switch
  • Central battery comparability available (24V, 50V, 110V, 230V)
  • Wireless lighting systems (please consult our technical department)
    • PRO ECO®
  • Body: steel
  • Legend: Acrylic


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