Vesta LED

Vesta LED


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Vesta LED: Recessed mounting, LED output 2W, self-contained 3hr. non-maintained emergency, three optics available (anti-panic, escape route and spot illumination), available in 6500K,6500K CCT, self test and self-test DALI addressable, IP20.

As Steon Vesta

  • Recessed mounting
  • Self-contained 3hr. non-maintained emergency
  • Three optics available:
    • Anti-panic (used in open areas)
    • Escape route (used in stairwells and corridors)
    • Spot illumination (used to illuminate areas of importance such as exits, signage or fire extinguishers)  
  • 6500K (daylight) as standard
  • Integrated converter and battery pack
  • SELV (safety extra low voltage)
  • Self test
  • Self test and DALI addressable
  • Body: polycarbonate
  • Optic: polycarbonate


LED Outputs


Polar Curves