Places for People is one of the largest property management development, regeneration, and leisure companies in the UK.

Boxed Energy work closely with Places for People and are responsible for providing the lighting solutions across their developments.


The fluorescent linear luminaires within Hamilton House were under review and consequently were deemed to inefficient, dated and in need of attention. Boxed Energy were interested in exploring an LED solution which incorporates a range of intelligent lighting controls. The inclusion of controls in social housing projects offer significant financial savings and are therefore a very attractive opportunity for Boxed Energy and Places for People.

Steon Lighting were approached to design, manufacture and deliver a solution which would improve overall lux levels and conserve energy whilst also ensuring compliance with emergency lighting standards.


Steon’s Technical Projects Manager highlighted the benefits of the new PRO ECO system and suggested this would be the ideal solution for Hamilton House. By including PRO ECO within the scheme, Places for People are able to pro-actively and passively manage the maintenance of their estate.

There are numerous advantages of installing PRO ECO, including automated emergency function and duration testing mechanics that identifies luminaires in need of service without the intervention of an engineer. Comprehensive emergency function and duration tests are crucial and must be conducted regularly, doing so manually demands substantial investment in time and resources. Boxed Energy recognised that the adoption of the PRO ECO system would keep maintenance costs to a minimum and opted to proceed with its adoption. Hamilton House has been used as PRO ECO trial run with the potential to further roll-out the system across several sites, all of which can be monitored and managed remotely.

Every luminaire supplied to Hamilton house was pre-fitted with a PRO ECO node to enable the client to control the lighting from a tablet or smart phone.

As per the client’s request, our lighting design engineers specified energy efficient luminaires across the entire premises. The corridors and stairwells utilised a mixture of standard and emergency Orbit bulkheads. In the stairwell PRO ECO enabled daylight harvesting which dynamically adjusts luminaire output to maintain a consistent pre-set lux level, thus providing further operational energy savings.

To improve aesthetics, Globo LEDs were specified for the lounge area. Sampled from Steon’s “Luxace” brands these pendants lend themselves to contemporary environments.

The IP66 rated non-corrosive Challenger LED was selected for the plant and laundry areas, these utilised MIC1 controls which is a cost-effective occupancy sensing system, this prevents unnecessarily illumination. Similarly, MIC1 was also specified with Hawk and Kite luminaires for the store areas.

Meanwhile the ground floor office areas are serviced by linear Caparo luminaires.

Alley Pack luminaires were selected for the external walkway areas; pre-fitted with photocells these units monitor outdoor light intensity to ensure they only operate dusk-til-dawn.

Some dedicated emergency luminaires were also employed, namely our Chara downlight and Subvisor exit signage to highlight the emergency exit routes.


The use of Steon’s PRO ECO system has enabled client to control and monitor the new lighting installation at Hamilton House. This also offers real-time information, lighting performance and reports accessible via their own online portal. Places for People are now benefitting from automated emergency and duration testing, which eliminates the need for technicians visiting site and therefore helping to reduce maintenance costs. The PRO ECO control system reports the nature of a given fault and also identifies the exact location of the luminaire requiring attention.

As a result of transitioning to LED technology, Hamilton House will reap the benefits of minimal maintenance costs, reduced energy consumption and extended luminaire life-cycles. Intelligent lighting controls have allowed Places for People to reduce their environmental impact whilst also enhancing their operational efficiency.

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“We have been very impressed with the professional service provided by Steon throughout the Hamilton House project. Steon’s Technical Manager, James, has been extremely helpful with the commissioning of the new PRO ECO system and we couldn’t be happier with the final results. The automated emergency testing was the key selling point for us, there are many costs associated with the manual testing procedure, so we are looking forward to benefitting from using PRO ECO.

As this project has been so successful, we are looking to introduce the PRO ECO system throughout a number of our other courts. “

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