St. Andrew’s Court is part of the Exemplar Health Care Group who provide homes for adults with complex needs. The Court offers a specialist service for adults living with dementia, mental health conditions, physical and neuro-disabilities, brain injury and strokes.


Martin Dixon Ltd Building Services were contracted to specify the lighting for St. Andrew’s Court. After working with Steon Lighting to complete Ward 36 at Hull Royal Infirmary they invited our lighting engineers to site to start site surveys.

The building was having a complete refurbishment and change of structure before opening as St. Andrew’s Court. The aim of the refurbishment was to ensure that fewer residents will need to move out of area to receive specialist care.

As part of the refurbishment the lighting throughout the court needed updating. The client was keen to explore an energy conscious solution which would improve lux levels and create a comfortable and pleasant environment for residents.


After visiting St. Andrew’s Court, our lighting engineers completed extensive calculations to select the most appropriate luminaires. We have chosen luminaires predominantly from within our technical brand ‘Steon’, these LEDs champion efficiency and performance.

The corridors and stairwell areas were fitted with integrated three-hour emergency Rondo LEDs. A selection of these luminaires were supplied with our Manual Intelligent Control 2 (MIC2) sensor technology, meaning that the output of the luminaires reduce to 10% when the areas are unoccupied. Other luminaires were supplied with MIC3 sensor technology and integral lux level sensing, these intelligent controls ensure the luminaires remain off in daylight hours. Through including our MIC controls and lux level sensing, St. Andrew’s Court have reduced their energy consumption.

Bedrooms throughout the court have also been fitted with Rondo LEDs, these have been manufactured with DALI digital dimming.  The dayroom, dining room, bathroom and therapy rooms now also contain standard and emergency Rondo luminaires.

The IP66 rated non-corrosive Challenger LED was selected for the plant store areas, these luminaires were fitted with MIC1 controls which prevent unnecessarily illumination. A mixture of standard and emergency Challenger luminaires have also been installed in the laundry, kitchen areas and wheelchair stores.

Steon’s designers chose a mixture of standard and emergency 5ft slim profile Caparo luminaire for the catering areas, nursing and staff rooms. Caparo luminaires provide a cost effective, energy efficient lighting solution. These luminaires offer a lifetime in excess of 50,000 hours at L80, this means after 50,000 hours in operation the LED will still retain 80% of its original light output.

Our IP44 rated surface mounted Lynx has been selected for the medicine, sluice and linen stores.

Emergency Circo LED luminaires were also installed in in the main bathroom areas, these again were fitted with our MIC1 cost-effective off-on-off energy saving controls.

As the residents at St. Andrew’s Court spend many hours in the meeting and activity room, our designers felt it was necessary to enhance the appearance and aesthetics. To create a desirable environment, Steon supplied two Globo LED pendants which feature within our contemporary brand, Luxace. The Globo’s have been suspended to create a decorative focal point which compliments the modern interior design whilst delivering impressive lumen outputs. Piras three-hour emergency downlight luminaires were also installed throughout these areas.

For the exterior, Steon’s robust IP65 Kite luminaires have been installed above the entrance doors, this has created a brighter and more inviting area for people entering the building. Mistral Visa LEDs have been supplied to illuminate the external walls and surrounding areas of the court. Both the Kite and Mistral luminaires were supplied in emergency and with photocell presence detectors, this again contributes to energy reduction. To improve visibility and safety within the courtyard, a number of Coastline bollards have been positioned along the walkway areas. Not only are these bollards extremely functional with their optimal light but the luminaires also enhance the aesthetics of the outdoor space.


The new lighting installation has been designed in line with CIBSE guidelines to create a pleasant environment which promotes wellbeing for residents and employees alike.

By transitioning to LED technology, energy consumption and maintenance costs will be minimal and further savings will come from longer luminaire lifecycles.

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“Steon lighting were recommended to ourselves by the NHS Trust on another project which they performed fantastically from quotation to final completion of the project, since then we have used Steon lighting on a number of projects including St Andrews court and they continue to provide exceptional service and quality.”

Sam Mableson / Electrical Projects Engineer at Martin Dixon Limited

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