Steon’s Premium BIM Files

What is BIM?

Over the last few years, the use of BIM technology has become widely adopted throughout the lighting industry.

BIM objects are information rich files which define the properties of a product. Steon BIM files are modelled natively in Revit and boast level 2 maturity meaning they contain a 3D model and luminaire performance data. The data within the model includes .IES and LDT files, luminaire power, lifespan, weight, IP and IK ratings, emergency and dimming options as well as links to the website and product datasheet.  

Steon BIM Files

In order to create a ‘premium BIM file’ all content included must meet the requirement of the user for the development of the project. To ensure this, all BIM files must contain a detailed and accurate digital representation of the luminaire.  

Our in-house team of BIM specialists ensure that all of our product models are digitally replicated to the highest possible standard as opposed to using basic geometric shapes.

Comparing BIM Files

We pride ourselves in creating the highest quality BIM files which truly replicate our luminaires, this is why our models are incomparable to others within the market.

See the difference for yourself…

Steon Premium BIM File

Basic BIM File

3D Render Examples

As our BIM files are such high quality, they can be added into Revit and rendered to create a realistic 3D visual for clients. BIM files are an invaluable visual tool which allows the client to experience their space prior to commencing their project.

Here are some examples…