Why include wireless systems into your lighting scheme?

The lighting industry is rapidly progressing, and the latest technological advance is the introduction of intelligent lighting control and management systems.

Lighting alone can contribute as much as 35% of all energy used within commercial buildings, so it’s no surprise that wireless lighting systems are becoming increasingly sought-after.

In this month’s press release we are going to shed some light on the benefits of our wireless systems.


Easy installation

Wireless sensors are installed within the luminaire, so no additional wiring is required allowing for easy installation.   

Enhanced convenience for clients

Using any smart device, clients can log onto the intuitive portal or access the appropriate app (depending on system) to access information regarding their lighting installation. From here clients can make any changes remotely and even across multiple installations.


Allows clients to tailor their own installations

From the app or portal, clients can view and interact with their installation. From here changes can be made to adjust colour temperature, dim luminaires, switching luminaires off, creating different scenes to provide specific lighting and creating groups so luminaires can be controlled simultaneously.


Improves energy efficiency and safety within projects

With wireless systems, clients can be assured that the right amount of light is being delivered and only when required. The occupancy sensing feature prevents luminaires from being unnecessarily illuminated yet ensures that the appropriate lux levels are maintained when an area is occupied. From the portal and app, clients can access real-time and historical lighting performance reports and can track if trends change over time and make changes accordingly.

Reduced operational and maintenance costs

Utilising the scene setting, daylight harvesting and occupancy setting functionalities, clients can benefit from extended LED life expectancies. As the luminaires will only be illuminated when an area is occupied there will be minimal maintenance required and costs associated. These features help to significantly reduce energy consumption and extend luminaire life cycles.

Steon have developed an all-inclusive portfolio of control and monitoring systems, these enable us to offer solutions for all applications. For more information on our systems, please download our brochure.